About Me

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m a mistake machine.

I seem to make a new mistake everyday; by now I seem to have built up a full repertoire of blunders and slip-ups. It almost seems characteristic of me, like an asteroid perpetually hurtling toward mistake-infested doom. I might misplace my phone or wallet. I might accidentally leave an Oxford comma dangling in the wind. Or sometimes I might make the bicep too long in a figure drawing.

But there’s good news.

The mistakes make us who we are. We stumble through our lives, searching for a moment of clarity, of complete nirvana and understanding. But the moment we get there (If we ever do get there), we stop learning. And I never want that to stop. With every story or art piece I complete, whether it be for the school paper or my own pleasure, I know I’ve made mistakes. Fortunately with mistakes comes the learning curve. And I know that next time the mistakes will be fewer. My phone remains in my pocket. One hit of a button and the Oxford comma’s a dead man. A quick tip and a couple night’s practice and that bicep will turn out a-okay.

Right now, at this moment, I’m right on course, headed straight for another mistake some down the road. But with every mistake, I get better. We get better.

So bring it on.

Elijah Henry-2015

I was born in West Hills, California in 1997. Since I was a little kid I showed an interest in not just art itself, but in making full-fledged illustrated picture books. I have always wanted to tell stories, whether to be through the written word or through the art I create. I was lucky to have found my passion very early on, and with it an undying drive to see my dreams through. Now I have expanded both my artistic and storytelling skills to fit an ever-changing and enigmatic world: the one we’re living in.  This website will hopefully document and showcase my flow of ideas, as well as works I have done that emphasize the fundamentals of art. If you have any questions or requests, don’t hesitate to email me at…