What’s New?

I’ve updated most of my written works section, so please check that out here (Assignments) and here as well(Clips).

The most current work in my portfolio: A full-fledged comic book called Striker which was made in a Comic Book Art summer class at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena.

The book follows a man named Michael Norling who suffers from a split-personality disorder. Day after day he tries to contain his violent alter ego, Striker. Striker, however, is recruited to protect a man he’d much rather kill. What follows is a story rarely seen in modern day fiction.

Clink on the link to access the Striker comic book.

Striker Comic Book

Also feel free to check out another recent comic book related project of mine, “Meow Man,” along with the more classical work I’ve put in the Multi-Media Gallery.

Striker and related characters created by Elijah Henry

Meow Man and all related characters created by Brendan Kinney and Elijah Henry